Setting the Scene

It is one year after the Battle of Geonosis, one year after the Clone Wars began. The Galaxy is still reeling from the revelation of a secret Republic Clone Army created to combat the Confederation of Independent Systems, the Separatists. However, not just clones are fighting for the Republic, citizens have also decided to join the cause and fight for freedom. Some citizens have enlisted in the GAR to fight the Separatists while some fight the enemy any way they can…

The party members are working as freelance privateers for the Republic. They go on missions given to them by GAR High Command, The Jedi Council, or the Supreme Chancellor and have been doing so for a few months. These are generally high risk that the GAR would not like to spend resources on (read: the PCs are more expendable than mass-produced clones. Ouch!).


Creating a Character

All classes and races are available, subject to GM approval, and characters should start at level 4. Standard rolling rules apply. Once your character is created, take an additional 5,000 credits (on top of your class’ starting money) to purchase equipment. Be sure to add your character to this website so that we can keep track of everyone and their back stories.


The PCs are paid by funds directly appropriated by the Galactic Senate, on a per job basis. They are paid a flat rate (3,000 credits per person), plus bonuses for overly hazardous jobs and job priority (1,000 – 10,000 per person). They are allowed to keep anything that they find on these missions, unless the mission objective is to acquire the object. They are also bonded Privateers, officially sponsored by the Galactic Republic to attack, plunder, and/or destroy CIS ships.

  • Low ranking CIS Droid – 200
  • Mid ranking CIS Droid – 300
  • High ranking CIS Droide – 500
  • CIS Ground Mech – 1000
  • CIS Air/Space Mech – 2000 – 5000

A Clone Wars Adventure

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